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The Six Degrees of Usain Bolt

As Usain Bolt became the first man ever to win six Olympics gold medals in sprinting, Kipp finds out how the fastest man on earth is connected to a famous fashion designer and Dubai Cares.

August 12, 2012 6:48 by

Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares was launched by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in September 2007, to give children the opportunity to have access to quality education. As a part of a joint project between the Emirati foundation “Dubai Al-‘Ataa” (Dubai Cares) and the humanitarian aid organization Oxfam International, of which Ali Mostafa is an ambassador in the Middle East, Ali Mostafa took a 5-day trip to Mali. “Dubai Cares” is a leading partner of Oxfam in the region. “People in Mali are running out of food – just like those in Niger, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Chad. While the world looks the other way, 18.4 million people are going hungry. Children will die in huge numbers if we don’t act now – and this can be avoided if we are all pulling in the same direction”, said Mostafa on his visit to Mali.” “I’m honoured to support one of the important projects of “Dubai Cares” and “Oxfam”, which aims at improving the quality of life in developing countries and providing primary education for children in Mali, where children face numerous challenges as a result of the shortage of school supplies.”


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