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Slow news day survey

Slow news day survey

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Yes you are… Kipp thinks you’re just the bestest wittle doggy woggy in the whole wide world!

January 19, 2011 3:56 by

Anyway, that said, let’s run with the other interesting results from the survey: What people’s number one loyalty motivation is. Salary is obviously number one (27.9 percent), with growth opportunities (18.7 percent), relationships with colleagues (16.5 percent), nature of the job (14.2 percent), training and development schemes (7.2 percent), the company’s position in the market (6.9 percent), corporate culture (5.9 percent), and other (2.6 percent) making up the rest. Aren’t growth opportunities and training and development the same thing?

Surprise, surprise, the leading suggestion for what would most boost their loyalty: a big, fat pay rise.

Participants were also asked how important transparent communication channels are to their loyalty (no sign of a leading question there, then). Unsurprisingly, 73.7 percent said very important, 19.2 percent said important to an extent. So far so predictable, but then came the cunning bit: the poll asked how transparent the respondent’s current company is. More than half (50.5 percent) said they are not transparent. Tisk tisk, very naughty – that means companies in the region are not doing much to win their employees’ loyalty. Not very surprising, if we’re honest.

Kipp keeps writing about these surveys, and they all say pretty much the same thing: Any given company would be better off recognizing its staff, talking to its staff, and helping its staff develop. It’s not rocket science. If they can do that, the whole loyalty thing will be easily accomplished. And we’ve already seen about the benefits (financial benefits, too, not just touchy-feely pretend benefits) that good companies enjoy. Yes, employers, it will give you a commercial advantage if you are good to your staff.

For those of you with employers who apparently do think they’ve got a loyal little Labradoodle working for them, Kipp suggests you leave a little present for them on the carpet.

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