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Slowly but surely—How a king’s speech steers a nation

Slowly but surely—How a king’s speech steers a nation

Will Saudi’s Shura council welcoming women’s votes and elections permanently open the floodgates for women’s empowerment in the Kingdom or test the patience of the conservatives, asks Precious de Leon.

September 26, 2011 12:33 by

…freedoms in the Kingdom.

The king’s bold initiatives throw up some key questions on the road to change. On a macro level, the Kingdom will have to address the issue of continuing reforms with the women’s voices too being heard. For there’ll be more mobility, more exposure and more intertwined problems arising from their presence in the council. On a micro level, the participation of women in the municipal polls, not in the one that is being contested on Sept. 29 but in the next one, will need new parameters, more awareness and improved education at all levels to help the citizens march in step, and together, on the path to progress.

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