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Smartphone vs. Tablet

Get Smart! But how? Does one go the tablet way, or the smartphone way? Kipp puts the two head to head on this Brand to Brand


This one is a bit of no brainer. Smartphones are smaller, more compact and feel a whole lot more durable. Because you can whip your relatively smaller iPhone and not feel like a pretentious git for carrying it around, smart phones get our point on this one.

Editor's Score 1

Yes, sure Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is a lot smaller than the iPad, but you can't deny the size of tablets make them a lot more difficult to slip casually into your pocket when you want to put it away.

Editor's Score 0

This is a tough one to argue, seeing as smartphone interfaces are far more varied than the tablets. Though the Blackberry's clunky buttons may seem cumbersome compared to the intuitive nature of the touch screen iPhone, there is no denying that smartphones are infinitely smaller than tablets. So unless you have tiny pixie fingers, you will undoubtedly agree with Kipp on this one.

Editor's Score 0

Though the size of the tablet downgraded it when it comes to portability, it is the precise reason it is much easier to use. Unlike the miniscule smartphones, working on your presentation for work or browsing through the internet is just so much easier to do with a bigger screen. It also means it is an excellent medium to watch visual media on and play games too.

Editor's Score 1

Getting a data package for your smart phone can be rather costly. A 1 GB data package with Etisalat can set you back Dh145 a month, with a 5 GB data package costing Dh295 and a 10 GB package for Dh395.

Editor's Score 0

Kipp was going to make some kind of snide comment about how some tablets (that can't make calls) are an additional cost for a 3G package, until we read of the Etisalat Tawa’am package, which allows users to share their mobile data package between two devices, like your smartphone and your iPad. So essentially neither are cheaper than the other.

Editor's Score 0

Kipp isn't pleased with the cell-phone quality of cell-phone camera to this date, but we will have to admit the rather small and handy size of smartphones makes them a great device to capture stolen moments.

Editor's Score 1

Just about how silly would you look trying to get a sneaky picture of your friend, who had a little too much, dancing to the music in his head? Though we must admit, propping the tablet on the table makes it an excellent device to conduct video conferences with.

Editor's Score 0

Smart phones are expensive, but not Tablet-expensive. And what with HP releasing its $99 smartphone this month, things can only get better from here.

Editor's Score 1

If you have an arm and a limb to spare, the tablet is for you.

Editor's Score 0

Editor's Score 3

Editor's Score 1

1 Comment

  1. AnbuSwamy on December 28, 2011 11:04 am

    Phone should be used for voice calls only.
    Tablet should be used for Data process, Games, Apps, Video and Audio.


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