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Snip, Snip

Snip, Snip

Major job cuts in the region and globally makes a rather disgruntled Kipp pleased to have a desk to be chained to.

April 27, 2011 4:29 by

Kipp often grumbles about having to wake up early every day, riding the dreary metro to our office and thenbe forced to stare at our blank monitor pretending to do work, day in and day out. But two announcements about major job cuts today, has got Kipp thinking we might be rather lucky to be chained behind this desk after all.
Take for instance, the news that broke earlier today about HSBC plans to cut around three per cent of its workforce of 12,000 across the Middle East. “As part of a standard operational review of the business to ensure our competitiveness, we have identified an opportunity to improve efficiency through a small reduction of headcount” said HSBC in a statement.
In other news, Nokia announced that it will lay off 4000 people worldwide by the end of 2012 in an attempt to cut costs as it struggles to keep up with the thriving smart phone market. Most of these cuts will take effect in Nokia’s offices in Denmark, Finland and Britain. The news comes after Nokia had announced the transfer of 3000 employees to Accenture (the global technology and outsourcing company).

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