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So you think YOU broke the bank for your wedding?

As The Bride Show close approaches, Kipp takes a look at some of the most expensive items ever bought for a wedding.

April 2, 2012 5:01 by

  • The largest bridal & fashion exhibitions in the Middle East – The Bride Shows, will be held at the Trade Center from April 4 to 7. If you are an eager bride-to-be (read Bride-zilla) planning a major hole in your pocket, we mean planning a wedding, you should really consider giving the show a go. Just to keep you honest, Kipp has put together some of the most expensive and luxurious wedding elements ever in the world which may or may not be affordable to you in this lifetime.

  • Price: $12 million (price of veil not revealed)

    Bought by: Nobody. The dress hasn’t had any takers yet and is currently on display at the Lladro Flagship Store, 408 North Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills.

    Details: The diamond wedding gown is encrusted with 150 carats of diamonds and is worth a whopping $12 million. This ‘masterpiece’ was designed by Renee Strauss (wedding dress guru and owner of a fancy wedding dress salon in Beverley Hills) and Martin Katz, a jewelry designer and dealer) for a 2006 Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal Show held at The Ritz-Carlton on Rodeo Drive.

    Trivia: Even though nobody has yet to cough up Dh12 million for this dress, isn’t just typical that it was showcased in Dubai for the annual Fashion & Diamonds show? The resale value of this dress is expected to be much more than the actual price of the wedding dress.

  • Price: $20 million

    Bought by:  Nobody...yet. Kipp wonders what happens when the world’s most expensive cake goes stale? Apparently, while it was being displayed, at the Bridal Show, the cake was protected by a team of uniformed guards at all times during the show.

    Details: A diamond studded wedding cake, created by cake designers Nahid La Patisserie Artistique along with Mimi So jeweler, was unveiled at the Luxury Bridal Show on Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills in 2006.

  • Price: $4.7 million

    Bought by: Paris Latsis, the then boyfriend of socialite Paris Hilton, for their engagement.

    Details:  A staggering 24-carat diamond ring, with a large emerald cut cubic zirconia center stone, flanked by two triangle cut baguettes. The ring set Latsis back a cool $4.7 million dollars.

    Trivia: When the two went splitsville, the mighty ring was auctioned off for charity for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina

  • Price: Wedding Stadium—$22,000,000 (Dhs 80,795,000)

    Built by: H.H. Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai

    Details: In 1981, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, married Princess Salama. To celebrate the wedding the ruler of Dubai built an entire stadium to house the 20,000 guests who were attending; the guests that he flew in on 37 private jets

    Trivia: On the Wedding Day people, both Nationals and Expatriates gathered around this area to watch the many displays within the fenced area. Local Dancers and Musicians provided nonstop entertainment while horseback riders showed their riding skills and prowess with their lances. The Royal Guard paraded on horseback. Camels and their Riders paraded in large numbers. Reports say that the wedding cost a total of $44.5 million, which would equate to approximately $100 million nowadays, accounting for inflation.

  • Price: $125,000

    Bought by: Nobody

    Details: This Vietnamese creation has orchids along with 90 gemstones, 9 diamonds, and 1 star-shaped ruby. The red and white glittering bouquet has made its way into the Vietnamese Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive collection of gemstones and flowers, and is displayed at the 6th floor the Ruby Plaza in Hanoi, which is one of Vietnam's largest trade centers. The Plaza has many of the world’s finest retailers, as well as a restaurant, and several offices. The elegance and sophistication of the Ruby Plaza make it the perfect spot to hold the treasured bouquet.

    Trivia: The bouquet holds the Vietnamese Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive collection of gemstones and flowers.

  • Price: Starting at $100,000.

    Details: Elite Soirée, is a Miami-based luxury wedding planning firm, is an award-winning luxury wedding and event planning firm devoted to the art of designing distinctly elegant weddings and sophisticatedly swanky parties with an emphasis on style.  Elite Soirée, established in 2003 by Taylor Lea Thomas, is known to have a good list of wealthy clients from all over the world. They offer special ‘perks’ or special privileges which you only get as an Elite Soirée Bride.

    Trivia: Elite Soirée was the only wedding planning company that was invited to be a part of Rolls Royce’s 100-Year Centennial Celebration Commemorative Book when Rolls-Royce celebrated its 100-Year Anniversary in 2004.


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