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Something to announce?

Companies seem to be on an 'announcement frenzy' today and Kipp simply doesn't understand why...

April 1, 2013 4:24 by

It’s almost impossible for Kipp to keep up with all of these major announcements – especially since it’s clear that Google and YouTube have been hiding these developments up their sleeve for some time now – but we’re excited to tell you that Google Nose (Beta) is the latest feature to join the Google spine.

And sadly, tonight is YouTube’s farewell party. After 8 years of operation, the company has announced that users will no longer be able to upload videos after midnight as the site will be shut down. In fact, it was nothing more than one long video contest. A winning video will be selected from every video ever uploaded and will receive the honour of being called the ‘best video ever’.

Another major announcement related to YouTube is Charlie Bouquet, ‘an average 12-year-old kid’ who has been awarded $1,000,000 for being the first human being to ever watch a YouTube advert without skipping it.

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