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Spreading the word

Spreading the word

As the number of swine flu cases in the region rise, authorities are resorting to varied methods to promote awareness.

September 24, 2009 2:52 by

Qatar has just confirmed its third swine flu death; Yemen has announced two new deaths; and Kuwait recorded around 300 new cases of the virus last week. Government and independent bodies are now resorting to new ways to increase awareness about the flu, and methods to prevent it.

In Bahrain, authorities are planning to spread the word through imams at mosques, reports Gulf News. The imams will be given lectures about the virus by doctors, and they will then pass on the information to worshippers. The country’s television already has campaigns that inform people about the basics.

In the UAE, the health ministry is sending messages to people on mobile phones, giving them advice on the precautionary measures to be taken against the flu. They advise the public to avoid the traditional Arab “nose salutation” and to stay away from crowded places, reports official news agency, WAM.

In Oman, bloggers recently took to the streets for a Swine Flu Awareness Campaign. They distributed sanitizers to restaurants and coffee shops and advised the staff on the importance of hygiene. They also spoke to taxi drivers about the flu, and told them about the benefits of using hand sanitizers and face masks.

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