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Stalled, sinking, on sale, and a suicide

Stalled, sinking, on sale, and a suicide

What’s going on at The World? As one island goes up for sale, Kipp takes time out for an update on one of Dubai’s most prominent – and most troubled – projects.

August 2, 2010 4:50 by

The World is still here. Despite reports in some sectors of the press earlier this year that the huge Dubai project was slipping into the sea, the man made archipelago appears to be clinging on.

Situated just off the coast of Dubai, the world is a series of small man made islands in a rough shape of the landmasses of Earth. They were built by 31 million tons of rock and 321 million cubic metres of sand dredged from the shallow waters of the gulf, and according to the UK’s Daily Mail in February this year, “the islands are rapidly merging together and also appear to be sinking.”

The paper, citing images taken from space, also appeared obsessed with the lack of development on the infamous project.

Perhaps they will be more satisfied now. Since the “sinking” article, construction has begun on The World’s first villas. The luxury holiday development can be found on Germany Island, reported Khaleej Times last month. It’s the first part of the Heart of Europe project, which will comprise 20 villas across six islands.

“The start of construction on Germany Island is a defining moment, not only for the Kleindienst Group, but for all the government bodies of Dubai who have been facilitating the processes and procedures necessary to get this unique project off the ground,” said Josef Kleindienst, Chief Executive of the Kleindienst Group, the developer of the Heart of Europe. “We are delighted to have reached this milestone in a project that has attracted worldwide attention since we launched The Heart of Europe last year.”

The first villa is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year. Also in the pipeline with Kleindienst is the Monte Carlo island, which will be a members only party and event venue. Annual membership fees will be in the region of AED 30,000, according to Gulf News, and you’d best own a boat if you want to get there.

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  1. agatha torr on August 3, 2010 8:50 am

    Weak article – a sensationalist headline with a cobbling-together of old news – sloppy Kipp Report!
    What is the point?


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