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Stating the obvious

Stating the obvious

Sam Potter hates pointless research, especially when it states the obvious. But on this occasion, it just might be necessary, he thinks.

June 23, 2010 5:27 by

I probably shouldn’t get too upset. Having worked in PR, I know why this type of research is often undertaken – because it gets media coverage. So the solution is, the media should stop covering it – then the firms might not bother with it in the first place. Unfortunately, with reduced ad sales and a reduced editorial workforce, most media outlets will publish or cover pretty much anything they’re given – after all, they have space to fill. It would be fair to say that, if rumors are true, Emirates Business 24-7 might fall into this category.

But in spite of my annoyance, I do have to concede that there may actually be another side to this coin. The truth is that it might actually do the ad industry good to have the obvious stated so clearly and with some weight of research behind it. Not for the ad companies themselves, who know their game well enough, but for the cautious clients in this part of the world, who persist in choosing bland, obvious, stereotypically dull and inoffensive ad options – often in the face of ad company advice.

As Emirates Business reports, “In the region, advertising agencies are often blamed for creating [creative] campaigns for the jury and refraining from [really using] anything out of the ordinary because of high interference by clients.”

If this study helps change the region’s unadventurous ad industry even slightly, I guess I’ll put up with it.

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