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Stay vigilant: 5 cyber black market trends to keep an eye on


Twitter is the social media platform of choice for cybercriminals around the world

September 2, 2014 9:54 by

A joint study by Juniper Networks and RAND Corporation reveals five black market trends expected to dominate cyber crime in the coming years:


 1.      Reduced interest in credit card details:

A new shift has begun to take place, whereby cybercriminals are no longer focusing on stealing your financial credentials, particularly in the Middle East. The black market value for credit card information is in a slump and criminals no longer acquire large sums of money when selling this information


2.      More advanced malware:

There will be more activity in the Deep Web; cybercriminals will be checking and vetting participants, using crypto-currencies at a higher frequency, creating greater anonymity capabilities in malware, as well as pay greater attention to encryption and protecting incriminating communications and transactions


3.      The ability to attack will likely outpace the ability to defend:

This will be especially true of ‘mom-and-pop stores’, as they won’t be able to keep up with the security requirements imposed on them, as opposed to large corporations


4.      Attacks will target the ‘weak human element’:

Hackers will continue to use tactics such as ‘spearphishing’ (ie a link that references a current event and asks the user to pay a fee for access). Spearphishing was rampant during the 2014 FIFA World Cup


5.      Exploitation of social networks and mobile devices will continue to be growth areas:

Specifically, the development of mobile malware for Android devices (70 percent of all mobile attacks) is likely to continue until Google, device manufacturers and service providers come together to find a way of delivering updates and patches in real time

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