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Stop the press! No, really

Stop the press! No, really

Promising headlines about the UAE’s increased employment opportunities and salary hikes are growing rather tedious, complains Eva Fernandes.

February 8, 2011 1:31 by

I knew I was headed for a great day when I entered the metro this morning to find it relatively empty. I didn’t manage to get a seat or anything as ridiculous as that, but I did have enough space to breath. Of course, my good fortune was short-lived when an unnaturally bulky gang of tourists got on to my cabin a few stations down the line. But it started out good, so I took this omen as a sign of things to come.

And apparently, I couldn’t be more right. When I switched on the ancient Kipp computer this morning, I was greeted by such wonderful news: “Private sector salaries in the UAE are forecast to increase at an average rate of 6.3 percent this year.” Apparently, Gulf Talent conducted a survey of 32,000 professionals and 1,400 companies across the six Gulf states and found that not only were salaries to rise but that UAE salaries increased by 5.2% in 2010, compared with inflation at 1.6%.

Oh wonderful, wonderful news! Whatever will I buy with all the extra moolah pouring in? While I pondered what shape my indulgence will take, a tube light went off in my head. Salaries rise? In Dubai? Wait a minute, I’ve heard this one before.

Take for instance Mercer’s predictions for last year: “Mercer reports that most firms (90%) say they will be raising salaries in 2010. The Total Remuneration Survey (United Arab Emirates) of more than 100 firms with close to 23,000 employees tips base salaries will increase by between 7% and 7.5% in 2010.”

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