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Stores in the UAE fined for manipulating prices

MAF interested in Egypt supermarkets

July 22, 2013 4:05 by

Since the beginning of Ramadan, the Ministry of Economy has issued warnings and fines to 68 shops across the UAE for manipulating the prices of goods.

Before the start of the holy month, with food items being sold at discounted prices at most major supermarkets and cooperative societies in the country, the ministry fixed the number that one can buy of a certain item – particularly so that small grocery shops do not misuse the discounts.

According to Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, director of the Consumer Protection Department at the ministry, the 65 stores – 20 in Abu Dhabi, 16 in Dubai, five in Sharjah and 24 in Fujairah – were warned for not displaying the pricing correctly.

During his inspection of Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society at Abu Dhabi Mall yesterday, he demanded that all stores to display the names of all the goods in Arabic and its prices clearly.

Last month, Al Nuaimi explained to local media that since a large number of items are being sold at less than cost price (or up to 50 per cent discount), small grocery shops tend to take advantage of the situation. They send their workers to buy large quantities of those items and, in turn, sell them at a higher price in their own store to make a profit.

Consumers can report their complaints to the consumer protection department of the Ministry of Economy through its hotline 600 522225, or visit

The inspection campaign will continue until the end of Ramadan.

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