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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Sulaiman Al Fahim

Sulaiman Al Fahim

The CEO of Abu Dhabi-based Hydra Properties is currently in the spotlight for his role in the takeover of Manchester City. Predictably, his contacts are spread across the world.


September 8, 2008 5:46 by

Sulaiman Al Fahim, often called the “Donald Trump of Abu Dhabi,” started Hydra Properties in 2005, and within two years the company had launched over $2bn worth of projects. The 31-year-old went into the business quite early, coming from a family engaged in real estate.

Al Fahim hosts “The Hydra Executives,” an Arab version of Trump’s “The Apprentice,” which offers the winner a prize of $1m to invest in property. A chess champion, he announced the project of an International Chess City in Dubai, worth around $2.6bn in 2004 when he was the chief executive of Dubai Projects.

With a Ph.D. in real estate investment from the US, he is currently the face of the Abu Dhabi take-over of Manchester City, and most recently announced that he is prepared to make a $237m bid for Cristiano Ronaldo during the January transfer window.


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