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‘Crime agenda against security’

UAE arrest

A group suspected of plotting crimes against the state have been arrested in the UAE while they look into the investigation.

July 16, 2012 10:18 by

The United Arab Emirates said on Sunday it was investigating a group with international links that was planning “crimes against state security”, the state news agency said.

The group “aims to commit crimes against state security and challenge the constitution and basic principles that government in the state is based on,” WAM said, adding the group is “subordinate to foreign organisations and agendas”.

The UAE has said that it was proud that protests that have affected other Middle Eastern countries has not hit the Emirates; possibly owing that credit to their ‘cradle to grave’ welfare system. The local population in the country get all the benefits they could ever want.

Prosecutors ordered the group’s arrest and issued orders for their arrest pending investigations. Investigations are continuing to uncover the extent of the conspiracy this group and its members were planning.

The report did not give more details.

The government has arrested at least 10 Islamists in the past three months in a rare move against dissidents in the tightly-controlled state. Analysts explain the authority’s concern by revealing that such ideologies could tap into unease among UAE nationals; particularly due to their minority status considering they make up a small portion of the 8 million population.

The economic boom in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the leading emirates in the seven-member federation – has made UAE citizens some of the world’s wealthiest with an annual income per capita of $48,000, but it has also brought what some see as unwelcome Western influence.

(Writing by Andrew Hammond; editing by Patrick Graham)

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