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Swine Flu

The recent outbreak of the H1N1 virus has set the world in crisis mode. Kipp looks at the origin of the flu, how it has affected tourism and what regional governments are doing to protect us.

May 18, 2009 5:36 by

Hiding face

Some Mexicans have reacted to the swine flu crisis with humor and creativity, while a website called flu fashion sells designer flu masks. The flu isn’t funny, but at least you can play dress up and look like bandits from cheesy western movies. You can even get masks for the family dog. A set of three costs $27.95 on the site.

In April, three armed thieves wore the blue surgical masks now ubiquitous in Mexico to hide their faces as they robbed watches from a department store. Banks in Mexico City have had to abandon the government’s rule of masks, which doesn’t allow customers donning face masks access to banks.

While residents in Mexico have been advised to wear face masks at all times outside their homes, other countries have held off, saying there is little evidence of their effectiveness.


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