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$teering in the right direction

$teering in the right direction

Rehab for bad drivers: proactive and possibly profitable measure

April 7, 2011 1:41 by

You’ll excuse Kipp if we seem to jump to the worst conclusions this morning, but we are in a rather testy mood as far as transportation is concerned. Why, you ask? Well, after shelling out close to 10K for driving classes, we seemed to have failed yet another road test.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t presumptuous to say we’re anything close to Michael Schumacher, but somewhere after the seventh thousand we bled out, we’re beginning to think it’s good to be in the driving instruction business.

The latest news in the world of UAE driving? If you haven’t heard, drivers who have had the licenses confiscated for traffic offences will only have their licenses returned to them when they pass a driving rehab course.

The National reports “the course is compulsory for drivers with 72 black points, who will also have the points wiped out if they pass. It will also be available to those with 24 or fewer black points, which would be reduced by eight. Any fines imposed will still have to be paid.”

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