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$teering in the right direction

$teering in the right direction

Rehab for bad drivers: proactive and possibly profitable measure

April 7, 2011 1:41 by

And judging by the 120-odd pile up this week, the UAE generally does have a problem with recklessly speedy drivers. Having to brave Sheikh Zayed road on a regular basis (true, either being driven by taxi or from the comforts of the Metro) Kipp just can’t understand what inspires otherwise sane residents to turn megalomaniac on the roads. Is it a case of ‘monkey see, monkey do?’

If it is, then we are all pretty doomed, given the arrival of a particular Superbus which can speed up to a gutsy 250kph. The Superbus, which has just arrived in the UAE to be exhibited at the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport on Sunday, has been the subject of talks about allegedly using the bus to commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Should the talks go through, the battery-powered, environmentally-friendly and super sleek bus would reduce the journey to a meager thirty minutes.

Excellent news, thinks Kipp, but at the same time we can’t help but worry what kind of impact having a vehicle going at super-duper larger than life like speed will do to the other drivers on the road?

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