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Telcos can ring in profits from the business sector

Telcos can ring in profits from the business sector

In the MENA region, this business segment is yet to generate profits for telco operators even though the regional enterprise ICT market is sizable.

October 11, 2011 3:27 by

Use Enterprise Relationships to Bolster Consumer Offerings

Telecom operators can ride the popularity of some end-user devices (such as iPads or BlackBerrys) and the adoption of services by key decision makers in the enterprise to promote their business applications. For instance, they can provide and promote mobile- or tablet- based applications to monitor sales performance.

“Similarly, operators have a prime opportunity to grow their consumer base through their enterprise business by offering and marketing products directly to the employees of these businesses. A convergence of consumer and enterprise offerings can enable an operator to cross-market products and services, sparking growth throughout its operations,” added Raad.

Get the Service Right

Regardless of the targeted niche within the enterprise segment, operators need to differentiate their value proposition by realigning their service delivery approach. For medium-sized businesses, this might mean access to around-the-clock customer service and a help desk with knowledgeable technical support, proactive maintenance, and short resolution times. Larger enterprise customers will require committed service-level agreements (SLAs) for a comprehensive range of mission-critical services.

Raad further said, “Enterprise customers are increasingly sophisticated in their needs, specific in their requirements, and quick in embracing new communication devices. Mobile and converged communications, as well social media and cloud computing, are driving enterprise ICT demand. Operators need to segment within each of the large enterprises, key accounts, and SMEs markets – and deliver a differentiated raft of services to each segment. They need to extend their portfolio beyond core connectivity services to include tailor-made solutions that address the specific needs of their targeted customers. Strategic acquisi­tions of providers with geographic or industry expertise is an effective way for operators to gain ground in this business and further penetrate the ICT market.”

“With almost 4 million new businesses over the next 3 years, the enterprise market opportunity in the MENA region could be significant.. Enterprise revenues account as high as 25 percent of  telecom operators revenues in some European markets. Operators should leverage their strengths to grab share in the rapidly growing SME segment, lock in key large accounts and large-scale digitisation projects, and benefit from converging consumer and enterprise offerings,” concluded El-Darwiche.”

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