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That’s Entertainerment

That’s Entertainerment

The coupon book seems to have entirely beaten the financial crisis, says Communicate magazine.

November 28, 2009 9:23 by

It’s been a good year for The Entertainer. A few good years, in fact. In the face of the all-consuming credit crunch, the voucher book series seems to have survived almost entirely unscathed. Thanks to its annual format, the ads for this year’s books were locked before the height of the crisis; combine that with a high demand for the book from cash-strapped consumers, and the prospects of a recovery (of sorts) in the advertising market in the tail end of this year, and it seems The Entertainer has got its timing just right.

But in truth, that has always been the case. Conceived in 2000 and created in 2001, The Entertainer has grown as Dubai and the wider region have prospered. The series has thrived off a combination of population growth and a burgeoning hospitality industry, and from humble origins it has grown to encompass three countries, four cities and a number of sectors.

The concept was created by Donna Benton, now owner-manager of the publishing house behind the titles. With an events and marketing background, Benton left her native Melbourne in 2000 for a job that didn’t pan out as expected. But an idea had come to her, and finding herself with little to lose she began to research the concept which would become The Entertainer.

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