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That’s Entertainerment

That’s Entertainerment

The coupon book seems to have entirely beaten the financial crisis, says Communicate magazine.

November 28, 2009 9:23 by

THE BUSINESS MODEL. Based on these principles, The Entertainer series has grown to comprise a number of books covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Qatar. And in Dubai the books have now diversified into different sectors. The main book is now joined by Fine Dining, The Body, and The Kids.

Each book is created around the same format: It’s divided into sections according to the type of outlet in question, then each outlet offers three vouchers on one page of the book. The vouchers are valid for the whole year in question, and are to be pulled out and handed in at time of purchase.

“We try to make it a win-win for both parties,” says Benton. “So it’s a win for the person purchasing the book because they obviously receive discounts, and it’s a win for the merchants who participate because they receive money by getting people through their door. It’s very simplistic, and we try to keep it that way.”

Revenue comes primarily from the sale of the book (Benton estimates this to be 65 percent of the company’s income) and the sale of advertising space inside it. A company can appear in The Entertainer for free simply by agreeing to create and honour a deal, but this would mean only that their vouchers appear; many choose to supplement this with ad space.

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