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#@$!! That ^&@###&& Dogg!

#@$!! That ^&@###&& Dogg!

Good ol’ Snoop will be performing in the UAE very soon. Kipp asked our readers if they thought he would be asked to cut back on his more explicit lyrics…

May 4, 2011 4:05 by

Censorship in the UAE is a big deal—and nobody feels it more than your friendly online web journalists at Kipp. Though we get away with saying a couple of things our colleagues in print defiantly wouldn’t, wondering whether or not we should be saying “Abu Dhabi thinks it’s all that” will cost us our job sure gets tiring.

But there are other aspects to censorship in the UAE that affects not just us journos, but also the general public. Yes we are talking about entertainment. Not only are the more intimate scenes of Beauty and the Beast cut off from the copy broadcasted on OneTV (and Channel 33 in the good old days) but so too are the lyrics of certain explicit songs.

And though it might be slightly annoying to hear those awkward pauses and beeps on the radio, hearing your favourite artist have to censor him/herself during live concerts in the UAE is a whole new brand of irritating—especially when you consider the fact that one pays a limb and a half to watch a concert that has specific age limits.

So as Snoop Dogg is soon to perform in the UAE, we asked our readers: “Rapper Snoop Dogg is coming to town. Popular for his racy, proudly lewd lyrics, do you think his songs should be censored in the concert?”  Not surprisingly, 50 percent agreed with the statement “No. I’m only paying his raw rapping prowess.” And while a small 15 percent (we think facetiously) agreed with the statement: “Yes. I’m blushing already”  the remaining 35 percent selected “Huh? I’m still feeling the effects of Amy Winehouse.”

When we posed our question on Facebook, here is what our ‘fans’ had to say:

Prince Sandy Gonzalvise: yeah i think so bec (sic) he is a dog

Kate Mullen Love Snoop : his stuff is played on radios around the world – radio friendly versions – so I don’t think there’s a need to worry – besides his newer stuff is much more ‘kid’ friendly

Ed Christie: I believe he will NOT be censored (well maybe…) :D

Judging from concerts that Kipp and Kipp’s colleagues have been to in the UAE, performers cut back on the more revealing outfits and compromising dance moves—but as far as lyrics are concerned we don’t recall too intrusive a form of censorship (though we do remember the year when British heavy metal band Saxon were barred from performing at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival because of their song “Crusader”). Then again this is Snoop Dogg we are talking about, so although Kipp can’t confirm it, we highly suspect that the Dogg will be asked to cut back on his more explicit lyrics. And although you may be becoming more tolerant towards UAE’s intolerance, would you pay to hear this?

Yeah, that’s right I like that,

The royal ***** is clean Your Highness

Thank you, uh uh Snoop Kells, You know how we get down

I pull up, dip low in the Phantom with the wheels spinnin’

Ladies like that’s that ****, I’m in the back of the club blowing trees

Hands up, heads bobbin like that’s that ****

In the spot where the girls go wild, dancing ***** bar style

I’m like that’s that ****

Snoop Dizzle, hey! Your boy Kells, hey!

Let me hear you say that’s that ****

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