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The Apprentice vs. Hydra Executives

It’s the fight of the two reality TV shows. Who do you think wins – the original, or its regional derivative?

The Apprentice

The show

The Apprentice is a reality TV show, where 16 to 18 people compete to win a job as an apprentice to the American business tycoon, Donald Trump. The prize includes a $250,000 salary in addition to a job with the Trump Organization.

Billed as the ultimate job interview, the show was the first of its kind when NBC launched it back in 2004, and has had several imitators since, so it wins point for originality.

Score: 7

The host

Donald Trump – the man famous for his no-nonsense glare and distinctive comb-over is the chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization. Trump established himself as one of Manhattan’s most successful real estate developers in the 80s and 90s, and then moved on to become the catchphrase-spouting host of his own reality TV show. His catchphrase, ‘You’re fired,’ along with the air jabbing action, has become famous the world over, and you know you’ve tried it too.

Score: 8

The competition

Each season collects 16 aspiring businessmen and women from all walks of life, including both Ivy League graduates and entrepreneurs with no college education, who compete in elimination-style challenges every week. The contestants are split into two teams of 8 and given a series of tasks every episode, which (usually) leads to lots of fighting and drama. At the end of each episode, one contestant from the losing team is coldly dispatched by Trump with a curt “you’re fired”.

The challenges quickly gained a reputation for being nothing more than commercials and product placements for brands. They became more obvious from the second season with companies like Planet Hollywood, Nestle, Visa, Burger King, and Microsoft supplying challenges for the show.

While we may like to criticize that, the show really isn’t the only one with blatant product placement.

Score: 8


Everyone has watched The Apprentice, even if it’s just one episode. And if you haven’t watched it, you’ve definitely heard of it. Enough said.

Score: 9

Final Score: 32


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