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The big brand comeback


What goes into resurrecting a brand after a major blunder? Here’s how global brands made their comeback from massive disasters in public.

June 27, 2012 1:00 by

Blackberry’s blackout:
BlackBerry brand blunder
Blackberry’s been having a few tough years lately but nothing compares to the three day global mayhem in October 2011, caused by the blackout of internet and BBM services faced by Millions of BlackBerry users.
The worst part of the ordeal was that there was absolutely no word from the company on why it happened and how soon it would be fixed. This stony silence from Blackberry threw users into a frenzy across the world. RIM finally responded saying the problem was due to a core switch failure, but it was too late by then. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will continue to keep you informed”, the statement said.

Stocks in the once-highflying company plummeted 65% during the outage and rumors about Blackberry shutting shop altogether pushed RIM in an uncomfortable corner. Uncertainty about the company’s future prompted a tornado of reactions online and on social media, further tarnishing the image of Blackberry.

While RIM’s first reaction to the fiasco was an apology to its consumers with free apps, a more long term strategy is underway, for each of its markets. In the UAE, for example, the company is in the midst of a massive drive to recruit local brand ambassadors, events and a powerful social media marketing campaign.

The Tiger Woods story:The scandal that damaged brand Tiger Woods
If it wasn’t for his admirable current form, sincere public apolgy and sober, low profile after the famous 2009 sex, lies and videotape drama, Tiger woods’ story would have been such a cliché- the meteoric rise of a talented golfer, his picture perfect life and then a personal scandal that rips it apart.

After the expose, Tiger woods, the man who was valued at $600 million, lost his form on the turf, million dollar endorsement deals and most importantly, credibility in the eyes of the world. Tiger Woods ‘player’ jokes started making rounds on the internet while his private life was torn to shreds by the media. Gillette and Tag Heuer, two of his biggest sponsors decided not to renew their sponsorship after the scandal.

But surprisingly, a sincere public apology and maintaining a dignified low profile did wonders for brand Tiger Woods. Now known as the comeback king, Woods is slowly rebuilding his reputation, focusing on the game and staying away from controversy. Most of his sponsorship deals are back and new endorsements are on their way.

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