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The big start

The big start

Fancy becoming a CEO of your own company? Yeah, well, so does Kipp. Al Tamimi Investments is giving the UAE’s final year university students the chance of a lifetime.

October 12, 2009 9:18 by

Like any investment company, it looks out for profitable ideas to back, and its management is likely hoping The Big Start will provide these on a plate. The winning students will get a fancy title and a share in their company. At a press conference, Rachael Wunsch, ATI’s general manager, said the value of that share will be decided when the winners are announced.

Presumably, since ATI is fronting the majority of the winner’s start-up funds, they will have a larger share, and therefore stand to make a good profit if the venture works out. Which party benefits most out of the deal could depend on how good or bad the student’s idea turns out to be.

This could be seen as a big gamble, in a time of financial uncertainty by a company with an undisclosed amount of investment capital to spread around. Is it a bold stroke of genius to tap into the UAE’s pool of young entrepreneurial talent, or is it a foolish fancy to give an inexperienced student an entire company to run? What do you think?

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