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The Blackberry Contention

The Blackberry Contention

Yet again. Although, this time around it is a matter of ‘limitations’ for SMEs.

April 17, 2011 1:01 by

UAE versus Blackberry: remember that long drawn out game of chicken? What about the “compromise” that followed after? Don’t look to Kipp for what was actually compromised on because RIM is pretty tight-lipped about it. All we know is we are glad the empty threats and warnings are past us, so that we can fiddle away at our blackberries…only, it isn’t.

In the second episode of the UAE-BB saga, comes the new ‘limited services’ plan. Don’t know what we are talking about?
According to the National, from May 1st “only businesses with 20 or more mobile subscriptions will be allowed to use high-security accounts, preventing individuals from using the most private data services offered by BlackBerry. Companies with fewer than 20 mobile subscriptions will have their BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) accounts terminated at the end of the month.”

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) allows users to connect with private servers hosted by their companies to access secure information, like emails. Speaking to The National the TRA didn’t give a reason, but said: “Enterprise [Server] services are to be made available to qualifying organisations only and not to private individuals. Qualifying organisations must have a valid UAE trade licence and a minimum of 20 or more Enterprise accounts under the company ownership.”

The funny thing is as the TRA announced its new decision, “The Global Information Technology Report 2010-2011″ from INSEAD and The World Economic Forum ranked the UAE the most high-tech country in the MENA region.
Most high-tech country in MENA? Of course, the local press has gone to town with the tag-but here’s the snag guys, you can’t boast about being high-tech if your TRA every six months or so comes up with some new tech ban or limitation of some kind—whether it’s about VoIP or smartphones.

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