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The Business of… 3D

Yes – it’s cool again. Three dimensions are spelling out big bucks for movie makers, TV manufacturers, gaming firms, and publishers, as people fall in love with 3D again.

August 29, 2010 4:41 by

Computer games

Ignoring 3D, what else is big business? Games and gaming, of course. Put the two together, and you have a gold mine. At least, that’s what the big console developers are hoping. Sony is one of the manufacturers with 3D TVs in the market, and it is actively exploring the technology with its PS3s. But it seems to be Nintendo really leading the way thanks to its next generation of the popular handheld console, the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo 3DS will launch in the current financial year (ie by March of 2011), according to reports, and will feature new technology that will allow any game played on it to be displayed in 3D, all without glasses. Early reviews have been very promising, with tech blogs claiming, “The 3D is impressive straight away, much more effective than I’d expected” and “I’m so shocked at how good the 3D effect is that I find myself wondering why it is that no other company has picked up on this technology already.”


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