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The business of… beauty pageants

When televised media teams-up with famous corporate moguls and supermodel-like beauties, it’s a business proposition that simply can’t lose.

May 20, 2010 4:07 by

Cost of beauty

Pageant winners can look forward to wearing the crown for a year-long tenure as reigning royalty, and plenty of perks come with the job as a jet-setting representative of the crown. Miss USA will make numerous high-profile appearances, attend society parties and charitable engagements, and, perhaps, make a run at an even bigger title. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Miss California, who reportedly received a very surprising perk during her reign: breast implants.

Last year’s Miss California received breast implants just weeks before she competed in the Miss USA pageant, Access Hollywood reported. The twist is that the surgery was completely free of charge, courtesy of the Miss California organization.

“It was an option and she wanted it. And we supported that decision,” said Shanna Moakler, co-executive director of Miss California USA.

Was it worth it? Breast implants from the doctors at Beverly Hills Breast Implants in California cost between $2,000 to $8,000.


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