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The business of… beauty pageants

When televised media teams-up with famous corporate moguls and supermodel-like beauties, it’s a business proposition that simply can’t lose.

May 20, 2010 4:07 by

Miss Lebanon

And speaking of bathing beauties, Lebanon’s Rima Fakih is in good company. The country hosts its own pageant every year, worth thousands in prize money and perhaps more in influence. Miss Lebanon takes home a tidy 70 million Lebanese pounds in cash – about $46,000 – along with a new car, jewelry, and a grab bag full of nice perks, not the least of which is a network of very influential friends.

Make no mistake: beauty and pageantry is big business in the Levant as well. The official Miss Lebanon Committee has “sole right to organize all the official beauty contests and elections in Lebanon,” according to their official website. And winning the crown catapults Miss Lebanon into the upper echelons of high society.

The pageant’s head, Antoine Maksoud, directs more than 140 similar events all over the world. He is also the General Counsel of LBC, the country’s first private television station; that may explain the media-savvy work behind each new incarnation of the event. The pageant’s organizers have experimented with a reality-TV theme for the event, during which viewers were invited to vote for their favorite candidate. In another year, the pageant was conducted as an extended series of “gala nights,” each hosted by a former winner. It seems the collaborative efforts of televised media, corporate moguls, and bathing beauties is a successful equation.


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