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The Business of… Diamonds

Everyone knows they’re a girl’s best friend, but did you know they’re in reality worth much, much less than you pay for them? Kipp gets a sparkle in its eye…

August 10, 2010 4:23 by

The four Cs

First thing is first, the basics. How do you measure a diamond? And more importantly, how do you value it? The answer lies with the four Cs.

CUT: A high quality cut ensures a brilliant, glittering stone, highly reflective of light.

COLOR: Diamonds exhibit a range of color, from completely white or colorless, to yellowish. A diamond’s color grade refers to its lack of visible color, or its degree of whiteness. The higher a stone’s color grade, the less color it contains.

CLARITY: A measure of the number and size of tiny imperfections that occur in most diamonds. Because these flaws are generally microscopic, clarity may be less important than other factors to the overall diamond’s appearance.

CARAT: A measure of a diamond’s weight, though not always an accurate reflection of the stone’s size.


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