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The Business of… Dubai Shopping Festival

The Business of… Dubai Shopping Festival

With the Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 all set to begin, Kipp takes you through the inner workings of the retail extravaganza (and traffic nightmare).


January 16, 2011 4:23 by

Little known to many, every year the DSF is inspired by a not-too-different different theme. Except for the years when it isn’t, of course (the ‘shopping’ is the main attraction, not consistency, evidently). So what exactly does the theme affect, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Still Kipp thinks they are fun; so we bring you a timeline of DSF Themes:

1996/1997- Theme? What theme? The grand idea hasn’t struck the geniuses at the DSF offices just yet.

1998- “Children of the World Meet in Dubai” (rather bulky, but this slogan marks the beginning of a great linguistic affair the DSF shall pursue till it gets tired of it)

1999- “The Biggest Family Gathering of the Millennium” (‘Cause it was 1999—see what they did there?)

2000- “One World. One Family. One Festival” (It’s brief, it’s catchy, we like it but apparently DSF didn’t because the next year they changed it to:)

2001- “To Mother With Love” (?)

2002-2007- “One World. One Family. One Festival.” (Well apparently, they did like the 2000 slogan – so much so they kept it for a good solid five years, changing only to make way for this gem of a slogan…)

2008- “The Fifth Season” (Just as everyone looks forward to the four seasons, so too would they the DSF, was the apparent logic behind this one—Kipp, however, thinks it odd considering the fact that Dubai just has variations of one awful season all year long.)

2009-2010- “One World. One Family. One Festival” (back to basics)

2011- “Make the celebrations yours.” (No comment).

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