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The Business of… Dubai Shopping Festival

With the Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 all set to begin, Kipp takes you through the inner workings of the retail extravaganza (and traffic nightmare).

January 16, 2011 4:23 by


The DSF awards are a recent development that reward various retail, journalistic, and photographic attempts to “promote” the DSF.

Kipp wishes we were kidding but ‘promote’ is the official term used. According to Gulf News,” the DSF Journalism Award was established to honour the efforts of local and regional journalists in promoting Dubai Shopping Festival (…) Entries are judged on an evaluation criteria based on the style of writing, quality of research, quality of content, overall presentation, creativity in news angle, and the overall impact of the story.” But mostly on just how impressive they represented the DSF, Kipp thinks. Kipp isn’t sad to say we haven’t wont the Journalism Award. Although this business of might change all that…

Perhaps a more reasonable DSF award, The Innovation Award, is handed out every year in recognition of innovation and creativity in the retail sector.


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