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The Business of… Dubai Shopping Festival

With the Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 all set to begin, Kipp takes you through the inner workings of the retail extravaganza (and traffic nightmare).

January 16, 2011 4:23 by


If there would be a single way to measure the success of the concept of the DSF it would be to have a look at the multiple spinoffs that have developed post-DSF.

Starting with the Emirates’ very own Dubai Summer Surprises (a shopping festival, championed by its most annoying beaming mascot Modesh, for those expats and their kids who decided to rough out the UAE during the scorching summer months), there is also ‘Eid In Dubai’  a shopping festival that is celebrated every year after the month of Ramadan. There is also the annual Qatar Summer Wonders, the Muscat Festival and the rather dull-sounding Riyadh Festival for Shopping and Leisure.

Though each tries to differentiate itself from the DSF, a quick glance at the advertising campaigns and main attractions promoted confirms suspicions that they are in fact mere spin-offs of the mighty DSF.


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