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The Business of F1

With F1 fever sweeping through the Emirates, Kipp takes a closer look at the money, mastery and the madness of Formula 1.

November 14, 2010 2:41 by


The list of countries that are home to Grand Prix include Malaysia, Australia, China, Monaco, Canada,  Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Brazil and most recently Yas Island, UAE. The Yas Marina track, opened only last year, is 3.451 miles long. It cost roughly 800 million pounds to construct and is one of the primary sources of tourism at Yas. The track is in close proximity to Ferrari World, the theme park. The track is beside a marina that has space for 150 yachts. The track isn’t the first in the region, as it is preceded by the 3.363 mile long track in Bahrain which hosted its first Grand Prix in 2004. Fun-fact for you, because of religious sensitivities, the race organizers do not allow for the traditional spraying champagne over the podium in Bahrain; but instead use a local traditional and most importantly non-alcoholic beverage called warrd.


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