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The Business of… Facebook

As Facebook shoots past the 500 million member mark, Kipp tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the social networking site, but forgot to ask.

July 25, 2010 4:06 by

Privacy concerns

Facebook’s reign at the top of the social networking tree has not been entirely smooth. In fact its clumsy handling of privacy concerns earlier this year at one point threatened to derail the sites serene progress towards 500 million.

Ultimately, after concerns were raised by US civil liberties advocates, EU privacy protection officials, consumer groups, and lawmakers over how the site used personal information, Facebook decided to revise the privacy settings for users. The changes allow them to hide sensitive information much more easily than before, in particular from third party applications they might choose to use on their profile.

In an embarrassing climb down, founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in the Washington Post that “Sometimes we move too fast, and after listening to recent concerns we’re responding … We just missed the mark.”

But as some wryly observe, the only way to avoid privacy issues is probably to avoid the site altogether.


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