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The Business of… Harry Potter

With the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie series breaking records at the box office, Kipp takes a closer look at the crazily lucrative Potter brand.

December 6, 2010 5:36 by

Legal case

Before the movies and the madness there was The Harry Potter Lexicon. It was a Harry Potter reference site that provided die-hard fans with Harry Potter information and trivia, not to mention hours and hours of distractions to indulge their obsession. Over the years the lexicon developed quite a reputation for being the leading authority on all things Potter-related. When the site-creator, American Steve Vander Ark decided to publish sections of the website as a book, JK Rowling and Warner Bros took out a temporary injunction against the publication. In 2008, a judge in the US halted the publication of the book and Rowling cited the copyright victory as one for all other writers, though she came under fire from some commentators who accused her of greed. Some well read individuals pointed out the Rowling’s own works were highly derivative.


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