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The Business of McDonald’s

Kipp takes a look at the strategies and inner working s of McDonald’s, arguably one of the smartest companies on the planet.

January 12, 2011 5:07 by

Mc Donald’s Around the Globe

Known for their ‘glocalising’ efforts having a look at McDonald’s menu around the world is a pretty interesting exercise. Having tried a few of these “local” specials, Kipp thinks the versions are pretty much the same greasy over fried chicken dressed up in local bread with a fancy name; still we are tickled by some of the versions. Take for instance the Maharaja Mac (a big Mac made of lamb or chicken) or the McAloo tikki (which is the vegetarian option for a burger consisting of a potato patty between a burger bun) in India.

In certain parts of Canada there is the McHomard (which is a lobster roll served in a hot dog bun). If you thought lobster at McDonald’s is an oddity, consider the McDonald’s in Japan that serves up Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger (mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce, in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets) and Green Tea-flavoured milkshake.

The pita version of a burger is famous not only in the Middle East (McArabia) but also in the Mediterranean which serves its pita wrap under the name of Greek Mac. McDonalds also provides locally appropriate sides, like (guacamole) avocado paste instead of ketchup in Chile, and even beer in some European branches. Would you like a pint with that?


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