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The business of… Tax in the GCC

From corporate income tax in Saudi Arabia to social security tax in Kuwait, Kipp takes a look at how the citizens of the Gulf are taxed.

September 9, 2010 2:17 by



  • A new tax law is planned with a rate of 10 percent on taxable income. A withholding tax at 5 and 7 percent is introduced for oil companies.
  • In a joint venture, the tax is dependent on the foreign partners’ share of the profit. No corporate income tax is levied on a corporation that is owned by Qatari nationals.
  • Taxable income is subject to a corporate income tax rate of 10 percent.
  • If no special rate has been agreed with the government before January 2010, a rate of 35 percent is levied. The rate applied with respect to oil operations is not less than 35 percent.
  • The amount of tax is lower for partly foreign-owned companies depending on the extent of local ownership.


  • There is currently no sales tax or VAT in Qatar.

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