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The business of… the Delhi Commonwealth Games

With the event set to begin in just a few days, Kipp takes a closer look at the allegations of corruption, bureaucracy and nepotism surrounding the Games.

September 29, 2010 4:06 by

The Resolution

Indian authorities and spokesman have been quick to assure the public of appropriate alterations being affected with immediacy. While some have promised that all is being done to repair the collapsing infrastructure, others have suggested the hoo-hah might just be a result of cultural differences. Meanwhile Delhi government’s Chief Secretary, Rakesh Mehta, told Indian TV the foot bridge that collapsed was cemented earlier on Tuesday.

Lalit Bhanot, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee, said in a news conference that the athletes’ accommodation needed a “deep cleaning”, but everything would be ready on time. “According to us the room may be clean, but the foreign officials may require a certain standard of cleanliness and hygiene which may differ from our standards,” he said. “We are on the job and everyone is working day and night. All other things and all other venues are ready and in the best of condition to conduct these events,” Bhanot told the BBC.

(Picture: Siri Fort Sports Complex)


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