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The Business of the FIFA controversy

Kipp takes a look at the multi-layered scandal that has rocked the world of FIFA in the last couple of weeks.

June 5, 2011 4:57 by


When Qatar won the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 last December, there was an interesting mix of emotions being expressed throughout the international media. Qataris, for their part, became extremely patriotic and proud of their country’s achievement (with several UAE business journalists being quick to remark how the event will benefit UAE tourism). But on the other hand several members of the international press expressed their cynicism. The objections? Well to begin with, the absolute lack of infrastructure. First, Qatar currently has only three stadiums which are suitable for expansion and remodelling as per FIFA regulations; this means nine stadiums will have to built from scratch. Second, it lacks a developed public system route and hospitality sector. And then of course how can we forget the soaring temperatures during July (when the FIFA World Cup is held) in Qatar, that like Dubai, makes you want to do impossible things to the angry bright sun? Given that Qatar had beaten out more experienced hosts like the US, South Korea, Japan and Australia, the objections to the awarding of the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup had many critics-but it all meant little until that fateful day…


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