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The Business of the FIFA controversy

The Business of the FIFA controversy

Kipp takes a look at the multi-layered scandal that has rocked the world of FIFA in the last couple of weeks.


June 5, 2011 4:57 by

“Blatter is not going to resign. Let us not be under any illusions, nothing is going to change. Unfortunately, we have a big museum to FIFA – dinosaurs who do not want to leave power.” These were powerful words that came out of famed Argentinean football veteran Dieggo Maradona. He hasn’t been alone in his criticism. A by-product of the question whether Qatar bought its bid to host the World Cup, has been an exposition of the inner politics of the running of FIFA and the almost authoritarian rule of its president Sepp Blatter. Putting aside Jack Warner’s allegations that Blatter made a cash gift of $1million to the (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) CONCACAF “to spend as it deems fit” and that he gave computers and laptops to 13 Caribbean football associations, Blatter’s conduct on the highly talked about press conference on May 30 was enough to convince Kipp that here was a man who had been in power for too long. Consider the answer he gave one journalist who asked if Blatter would give his backing to Jerome Valcke  and whether Valcke was becoming too politicized:  “I will not answer this question. I am the President of FIFA, you cannot question me.” No wonder then The National published an editorial last week called “You thought Arab dictators were bad? Just look at FIFA.” And though, Blatter ran and won the election for the FIFA presidency unopposed, the current scandal has caused many to call for a rethink about the structure of FIFA and the power of its officials.

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