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The Business of the FIFA controversy

Kipp takes a look at the multi-layered scandal that has rocked the world of FIFA in the last couple of weeks.

June 5, 2011 4:57 by

Sponsors React

FIFA’s sponsors have been quick to express their dissatisfaction with the current controversy surrounding the sport.

US credit card Visa said: “The current situation is clearly not good for the game and we ask that FIFA take all necessary steps to resolve the concerns that have been raised,”
In a statement, Emirates spokesman Boutros Boutros said “Emirates, like all football fans around the world, is disappointed with the issues that are currently surrounding the administration of this sport…”We hope that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible and the outcome will be in the interest of the game and sport in general.””

And lets not forget this statement from Adidas: “The repeated accusations [of corruption] are good for neither the image of football nor FIFA itself,” the spokesman said, adding however that “events do not bring into question our cooperation [with FIFA]”.


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