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The Business of the FIFA controversy

Kipp takes a look at the multi-layered scandal that has rocked the world of FIFA in the last couple of weeks.

June 5, 2011 4:57 by

Ripple effect on business

Although the option for a re-vote on the bid is not yet on the table, many have called for it. Like German FA president Theo Swanziger who called for an investigation into the World Cup 2022 bid saying: “There is a considerable degree of suspicion that one cannot sweep aside,” Swanziger said. “This needs to be examined anew.” German businessmen were sure to have winced at Swanziger’s words, as it probably will be foreign businesses that will be more severely affected than Qatari businesses – simply because Qatar is considering to beef up its infrastructure in the coming ten years anyway and, if a re-vote is made, foreign businesses may not be so lucky in landing these contracts.

German companies in particular stand to lose some ventures. For instance German railways, Deutsche Bahn, are to build a $ 24 billion, 320-km train system in Doha, the Qatari capital–which is quite possibly one of the biggest foreign deals in German industrial history. Or consider Germany’s Hochtief which is expected to build Qatar’s $467 million flagship project, Lusail City (a 38-sqkm city with 200,000 people, including a  8.5-kilometer shopping arcade with 600 new retail units and 1,300 residential units and offices.)


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