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The business of the global Halal Industry

The Halal Industry is big money. From food production, travel, clothing, pharmaceuticals experts estimate the global halal industry at $2.1 trillion.

October 31, 2010 9:13 by


Kipp was a just a little surprised by the existence of this industry, but then we remembered the recent unfortunate incident when a French woman tore off an Emirati tourist’s burqa and bit her. It should come as no surprise that such fears of xenophobia have resulted in a demand for halal travel options. What does a halal holiday look like? It involves travelling to, most preferably a Muslim country (UAE, Turkey and Malayasia are among the favourites) where you can be sure that the local food will serve halal meat, the residents of the country will be familiar with and hopefully respectful of Islamic traditions and most importantly will allow the Muslim tourist the feeling of blending in.  Halal travel also ensures the tourist a chance to stay at a halal hotel which serves halal food, does not have bars but has prayer rooms, and has notices which points to Mecca and preferably offers the facility of separate swimming pools.


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