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The business of the global Halal Industry

The Halal Industry is big money. From food production, travel, clothing, pharmaceuticals experts estimate the global halal industry at $2.1 trillion.

October 31, 2010 9:13 by


Halal cosmetics are aspect of the global Halal industry that is still in its infancy. The halal cosmetics and personal care industry, that some estimate to be worth $ 560 million, provides Muslim women with cosmetics that are free of non-halal ingredients like pork, alcohol and meat from animals slaughtered in a non-halal manner. Currently, halal cosmetics are not readily available in supermarkets, which mean most Muslim women order it online from stores in Malaysia, Jordan and Britain. But halal cosmetics owners are optimistic about the growth of the industry. Speaking to Al Arabiya, Canadian makeup artist Layla Mandi, (who is also responsible for marketing the Middle East’s first halal cosmetics brand, OnePure, says “There are pork derivatives and alcohol in most cosmetics products, so Muslims should really use something else.Muslims don’t want to go around and pray five times a day having pork residues on their body.” Yet like other halal products for women, such products have clerics debating whether it is halal to be encouraging women to wear make-up to begin with.


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