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The business of the global Halal Industry

The Halal Industry is big money. From food production, travel, clothing, pharmaceuticals experts estimate the global halal industry at $2.1 trillion.

October 31, 2010 9:13 by


Upon  the launch of halal cosmetics, the next logical step would be the creation of halal spas. In fact, women in Dubai can indulge in a halal spa experience at Dubai’s Celopatra spa in Wafi, to ensure a truly halal pampering. The more than welcome reception of luxury halal experience has attracted foreign investors to come and open shop, or should we say, spa, in Dubai. A Moroccan company, Amys Group, is planning on expanding its current range to the Gulf region and is targeting a 20 percent profit growth over the next five years.  Amys Group produces exfoliating scrubs, hammam and sauna oils, as well as eucalyptus soap with Argan and sweet almond oil.


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