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The business of the global Halal Industry

The Halal Industry is big money. From food production, travel, clothing, pharmaceuticals experts estimate the global halal industry at $2.1 trillion.

October 31, 2010 9:13 by


Perhaps the most traditional sector of the industry, halal is most commonly understood as the strict guidelines that determine the food and drink of Muslim women according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed. As such, the animal that is slaughtered must be killed in, what Muslims believe, to be the least painful manner for the animal. Slaughtered by a Muslim, the slaughterer must recite a particular prayer while he uses a sharp knife to slit the animal’s throat.  80 percent of UAE’s imported food is imported from places like Brazil and Australia—Australia exports 43,071 tons of halal mutton, 17,685 tons of halal lamb and 3312 tons of halal beef to the Middle East in 2006. The practice came under harsh criticism a few years back, amongst non-Muslims in the UK who considered the halal method of killing (which doesn’t use a stunning gun to sedate the animal before killing it) to be animal cruelty.


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