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The Business of… the ICC World Cup

Kipp’s got Cricket Fever, what with the ICC World Cup on and all. We take a look at the workings of arguably the biggest tournament in the world’s second biggest sport.

February 20, 2011 3:45 by


The venue that host the World cup is picked by an executive committee from the International Cricket Council. Though, the first three world Cups were hosted in England, the tournaments have always been hosted by a group of nations. For instance the 1987 World Cup was hosted by Pakistan and India, the 1992 World Cup was hosted by Australia, New Zealand, the 2003 World Cup was hosted by South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Since the first World Cup outside England, there has been an unofficial rotation system in place for the hosts of the World Cup, so that every test playing nation would have the opportunity to host the event every twenty years. By that logic, Australia should have hosted the current World Cup, but speculations that the ICC would award the Cup to South Asia (which was more likely to generate greater funds) were proven right. This year, the World Cup will be hosted in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The event was supposed to be co-hosted by Pakistan but in the light of the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket players in 2009, the ICC has decided against it.


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