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The Business of… the ICC World Cup

Kipp’s got Cricket Fever, what with the ICC World Cup on and all. We take a look at the workings of arguably the biggest tournament in the world’s second biggest sport.

February 20, 2011 3:45 by

World Cup Sponsors

Being the fourth most viewed sporting event on the planet, sponsorship is a big deal. Just to give you a rough picture of what kind of money we are talking about apparently LG Electronics which is the official sponsor of the World Cup, has paid close to Dh6 million for the tournament. But that’s nothing compared to the Dh81 million Sony India has shelled out to run a multimedia campaign during the tournament. The campaign will run more than 3,000 television spots across 19 channels, a print campaign across 36 newspapers and magazines, and put up at least 100 billboards across the country.


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