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The business of… the Oscars

With the eagerly awaited Oscar awards this Monday, Kipp takes a look at the glitzy event that’s become the movie award ceremony of the year.

February 26, 2011 12:30 by


Given Ricky Gervais’s rather controversial (but harmless good humor if you are asking Kipp) turn as host of this year’s Golden Globes, the role of the host of Hollywood shows has come under serious consideration. The National for one, says Hollywood is used to presenters that are “saccharine laced with the occasional shot of lemon juice,” and The Oscars are no different (although the intro monologue/song-dance routine is always something worth tuning in for).

Though the entertainment value of the hosts has been something of a hit and miss over the years (Kipp’s biased to the particular charm of serial-Oscar-host Billy Crystal), we aren’t alone in our surprise at this year’s presenters: James Franco and Anne Hathaway. “Holy shiz! They seem a little young, at least compared to the usual hosts, no?” to quote Perez Hilton. The usual hosts constitute of a hotchpotch of movie actors, chat show hosts, TV stars and include: Hugh Jackman, David Niven, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Martin.

Mind you there isn’t too much money in the job; apparently the exposure and the prestige you gain as a veteran host of the Oscar is supposed to be enough, with network execs estimating hosts get paid no more than $15,000 for their time.


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  1. Criselda Varro on March 2, 2011 9:39 am

    Everyone who rags on the Academy Awards need to get over themselves. All of these movies this year are brilliant and no one should be disappointed in the winners. If the movies bore you to tears maybe you should skip movies with taste and go watch Madea Goes to Jail and call it a night.


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